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(1993) Nelson _Genomic mismatch scanning _Nature Genetics.pdf 06-Jan-2005 18:31 927K
(1996) Cheung _Whole genome amplification _Proc Natl Acad Sci.pdf 06-Jan-2005 19:23 216K
(1996) Geschwind _Biotinylated MutS fusion _Genetic Analysis.pdf 06-Jan-2005 19:17 752K
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(1998) Chang _Characteriztion transformation oral cancer _Oncogene.pdf 06-Jan-2005 14:48 1.2M
(1998) Cheung _Genomic mismatch scanning identifies _Genomics.pdf 04-May-2004 11:50 119K
(1998) Cheung _Linkage-disequilibrium mapping _Nature Genetics.pdf 06-Jan-2005 14:28 683K
(1998) Geschwind _Apolipoprotein E dementia _Annals Neurology.pdf 06-Jan-2005 15:01 658K
(1998) Geschwind _Klinefelter's syndrome cerebral laterality _Dev Genetics.pdf 06-Jan-2005 15:52 425K
(1998) Jen _Spinocerebellar ataxia vertigo _Neurology, Neurosurg, and Psych.pdf 06-Jan-2005 15:24 161K
(1998) Kim _Familial migraine vertigo _Am J Med Genetics.pdf 06-Jan-2005 15:58 81K
(1998) Smalley _Evidence dopamine D4 receptor ADHD _Mol Psychiatry.pdf 06-Jan-2005 15:42 44K
(1998) Weinstein _Genomic organization 5' flanking _Mol Genetics and Metab.pdf 06-Jan-2005 15:11 133K
(1998) Welford _Detection differentially expressed genes tumor _Nucleic Acids Res.pdf 04-May-2004 11:51 224K
(1998) Yue _De novo mutation ataxaia _Am J Med Genetics.pdf 06-Jan-2005 14:09 99K
(2000) Irizarry _Genomewide analysis SNPs _Nature Genetics.pdf 24-May-2004 09:33 362K
(2000) Liau _Identification human glioma gene granulin _Cancer Research.pdf 07-Jan-2005 13:28 1.5M
(2000) McCracken _Evidence linkage tandem duplication dopamine D4 _Mol Psychiatry.pdf 07-Jan-2005 13:54 126K
(2001) Geschwind _Autism genetic resource exchange _Am J Hum Genetics.pdf 07-Jan-2005 14:30 785K
(2001) Geschwind _Genetic analysis neural progenitor _Neuron.pdf 07-Jan-2005 14:18 1.3M
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(2001) Liu _Genomewide screen autism _ Am J Hum Genetics.pdf 07-Jan-2005 15:00 2.8M
(2002) Fisher _Genomewide scan loci ADHD _Am J Hum Genetics.pdf 07-Jan-2005 17:09 3.9M
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(2002) Nishitani _Identification genes human papillomavirus _Cellular and Molecular Biology.pdf 11-Jan-2005 18:07 707K
(2002) Smalley _Genetic linkage ADHD autism _Am J Hum Genetics.pdf 18-Oct-2004 08:37 101K
(2003) Kustanovich _Biased paternal transmission SNAP-25 _Mol Psych.pdf 24-May-2004 08:26 110K
(2003) Mischel (Manuscript) _Alterations gene expression cancer _Sand FIGS.pdf 20-Apr-2004 09:11 1.3M
(2003) Mischel (Review) _Molecular analysis glioblastoma patient therapy _Cancer Biology & Therapy.pdf 24-May-2004 10:21 420K
(2003) Mischel _Molecular subtypes glioblastoma _Oncogene.pdf 04-May-2004 12:59 474K
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(2003) Riggins _Comparison Sage oligonucleotide _Genomics.pdf 23-May-2004 22:21 93K
(2003) Saghizadeh _Evaluation techniques nucleic acid probes _Biomolecular Engineering.pdf 14-Jan-2005 15:18 427K
(2003) Shai _Gene expression profiling gliomas _Oncogene.pdf 04-May-2004 12:58 215K
(2003) Tsai _abstract _Shape-encoded particle DNA analysis.pdf 24-May-2004 10:05 417K
(2004) (e PDF) Lee _Novel mutation KCNA1 ataxia _Human Mutation.pdf 14-Jan-2005 18:03 215K
(2004) Freije _Gene expression profiling _Cancer Research.pdf 20-Sep-2004 11:26 520K
(2004) Jen_Mutations human Robo gene _Science.pdf 14-Jan-2005 16:08 410K
(2004) Jen _Suggestive linkage bilateral vestibulopathy _Neurology.pdf 05-Jan-2005 12:51 549K
(2004) Kustanovich _Transmission disequilibriium testing ADHD _Molecular Psych.pdf 14-Jan-2005 15:36 118K
(2004) Le _Detecting tissue-specific alternative splicing.pdf 14-Jan-2005 18:11 1.0M
(2004) Loo _Genomewide scan reading ADHD _Molecular Psych.pdf 04-May-2004 13:19 119K
(2004) Lowe _Joint analysis DRD5 _Am J Hum Genetics.pdf 04-May-2004 13:20 212K
(2004) Lu _Comparison gene expression SAGE _Genomics.pdf 26-Oct-2004 10:56 171K
(2004) Mischel (Review) _DNA microarray analysis brain cancer _Nature Reviews Neuroscience.pdf 12-Oct-2004 08:12 336K
(2004) Ogdie _Attention deficit hyperactivity linkage _Am J Hum Genetics.pdf 18-Oct-2004 08:35 307K
(2004) Stone _Evidence sex-specific autism _Am J Hum Genetics.pdf 05-Jan-2005 17:06 324K
(2005) Shen _Loss annexin A1 breast cancer _Biochem Biophys Res Commun.pdf 05-Jan-2005 17:09 1.0M - Nelson Publicatons

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