Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Adobe Tips and Tricks

* Experience Level: Beginner Through Advanced
* Running Time: 3 Hours, 1 CDs
* Project Files: Included
* Attain realistic photo-compositing with wonderful depth of field, motion blur, perspective, and shadowing options
* Learn the coolest techniques for the most realistic chrome, and beautifully diffused soft-edged shadows
* Get detailed look at alpha channels, pixel creation filter, techniques and lighting effects for brilliant background creation
* Utilize fire and smoke techniques, as well as intricate layer blending

Manufacturer's Description
Join Web designer and professional animator, Steve Holmes, for a 3 hour journey into some of the lesser known, and incredibly useful, techniques for using Adobe Photoshop. You'll learn some of the magical tricks and useful tips to get the most out of your Photoshop software. Both novice and veteran users will discover time-saving shortcuts and special effects within Photoshop that you never knew existed.

1. Get some Perpsective (26 min)
Lesson 1: Focusing on Perspective
Lesson 2: Placing & Sizing Images
Lesson 3: Depth of Field
Lesson 4: Selective Motion Blur
Lesson 5: Creating Horizontal Scan Lines
Lesson 6: Distorting an Image
Lesson 7: Adding Shadows for a More Realistic Effect

2. Apply Selectively (26 min)
Lesson 1: Converting a Color Image to Grayscale
Lesson 2: Colorizing a Selection
Lesson 3: Painting with the Color Blend Mode
Lesson 4: Performing a Grayscale Conversion
Lesson 5: A Better Grayscale Conversion
Lesson 6: Making a Sepia Tone
Lesson 7: Making a new Channel with a Selection
Lesson 8: Feathering the Alpha Channels
Lesson 9: Combining & Coloring Alpha Channels

3. Oh so Distressed (23 min)
Lesson 1: Making a New Layer from a Vector Path
Lesson 2: Working Inside an Alpha Channel
Lesson 3: Adding Filter Effects
Lesson 4: Adjusting Levels & Creating Masks
Lesson 5: Stroking & Spattering
Lesson 6: Blending Layers
Lesson 7: Filling Text with an Image
Lesson 8: Grouping Layers

4. Aqua Viva (24 min)
Lesson 1: Introducing Layer Styles
Lesson 2: Customizing a Gradient
Lesson 3: Adding Shadows & Glows
Lesson 4: Adding Bevel & Emboss
Lesson 5: Creating a New Style
Lesson 6: Creating Texture
Lesson 7: Painting with a Layer Style
Lesson 8: Achieving an Ice Effect

5. The Natural Elements (24 min)
Lesson 1: Layer Blending
Lesson 2: Creating a Flame-shaped Paintbrush
Lesson 3: Painting a Flame Shape
Lesson 4: Adding Color
Lesson 5: Using Liquify to Distort the Flames
Lesson 6: Adding Highlights
Lesson 7: Reusing & Adjusting the Flame
Lesson 8: Creating Smoke

6. All Over Displace (16 min)
Lesson 1: Displacement Maps
Lesson 2: Shadow Effects

7. Organic Creation (18 min)
Lesson 1: Creating a Marble Effect
Lesson 2: Setting up Texture for Lighting Effects
Lesson 3: The Lighting Effects Dialog Box
Lesson 4: The Fibers Filter

8. Full on Metal (25 min)
Lesson 1: Creating a Chrome Effect
Lesson 2: Creating a Chrome Effect Continued
Lesson 3: Finishing the Chrome Effect
Lesson 4: Drop Shadow Effects

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