Monday, April 2, 2007

Python E-Books

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Advanced_Python_programming [].pdf
An Introduction to Tkinter.chm
Dive into Python [].pdf
GUI_Programming_with_Python_-_QT_Edition [].chm
Game Scripting in Python [].doc
How_To_Think_Like_A_Computer_Scientist-Learning_With_Python-2002 [].pdf
How_to_think_like_a_computer_scientist [].pdf
Instant_Hacking_With_Python [].zip
New Riders - Jython for Java Programmers [].chm
New Riders - Python Essential Reference, 2Nd Ed - 2001 [].chm
OReilly - Core Python Programming [].pdf
OReilly - Learning Python ed2 [].chm
OReilly - Programming Python ed2 [].chm
OReilly - Python & XML [].pdf
OReilly - Python In A Nutshell [].chm
OReilly - Python Pocket Reference,2001 ed2 [].chm
OReilly - Python Programming on Win32 [].chm
OReilly - Python Standard Library [].chm
Preiss,_B.R._-_Data_Structures_and_Algorithms_in_Python_(2004) [].chm
Premier.Press,.Python.Programming.for.the.Absolute.Beginner.(2003).LiB.ShareConnector [].chm
Prentice Hall - Core Python Programming (Fixed).chm
Python network programming.pdf
Python_2.1_bible_(idg_2001)_[pdf] [].zip
Python_Developer's_Handbook_(2000) [].chm
Sams - Teach Yourself Python In 24 Hours.rar
SciTE editor for Python
Scientific Computing in Python [].pdf
Text_Processing_in_Python_(Addison_Wesley-2003) [].chm
Thinking in Python [].chm
VIM editor for Python
mec.Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries.2002 [].chm
modpython [].pdf
numpy_tutorial [].pdf
skip4Python [].chm

index of parent directory
OReilly - Learning Python 17-Dec-2005 04:49
OReilly - Programming Python 2nd Ed 17-Dec-2005 04:50
Oreilly.Learning.Python.2nd.Edition.eBook-LiB 17-Dec-2005 04:53
Oreilly.Python.In.A.Nutshell.eBook-LiB 17-Dec-2005 04:58
Sams - Teach Yourself Python In 24 Hours 17-Dec-2005 05:43
Thinking in python 17-Dec-2005 05:43
dive in to python 17-Dec-2005 04:46
instant-hacking.php 17-Dec-2005 04:47

index of parent directory
Advanced_Python_programming.pdf 28-Apr-2004 16:36 194K
Bourne Shell, shell.pdf 01-Sep-2004 09:14 185K
How_To_Think_Like_A_Computer_Scientist-Learning_With_Python-2002.pdf 28-Apr-2004 16:36 863K
Mastering_Regular_Expressions.pdf 25-Apr-2003 18:33 5.8M
OReilly - ProgrammingPython2ndEd.chm 28-Apr-2004 16:37 6.4M
OReilly - Python Standard Library.chm 28-Apr-2004 16:37 356K
OReilly.Learning.the.bash.Shell.2nd.Edition.chm 24-Feb-2005 10:14 636K
Oreilly.Learning.Python.2nd.Edition.eBook-LiB.chm 28-Apr-2004 16:37 1.2M
Oreilly.Python.In.A.Nutshell.eBook-LiB.chm 28-Apr-2004 16:37 1.1M
Sed and Awk Pocket Reference - 2nd Edition.chm 25-Sep-2003 14:21 91K
UnixHistory.pdf 01-Jun-2005 10:35 513K 17-Jun-2004 10:23 764K 15-Aug-2005 09:20 195K
linux - Advanced Bash Shell Scripting Gude.pdf 02-Aug-2004 00:00 4.6M
python_note.pdf 17-Jun-2004 10:18 1.9M
regx.pdf 24-Sep-2003 12:30 53K
thinking in python.chm 28-Apr-2004 16:37 178K
vim_user_manual_603.0.pdf 15-Aug-2005 17:08 2.2M

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