Monday, April 2, 2007

Engineering Collection

Serious Incident Prevention 5.35 MB

Petroleum Geology pf the SOuth Caspian Basin
Basin.rar 8.04 MB

Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment
Equipment.rar 9.50 MB

Handbook of Hazardous Chemical Properties
Properties.rar 31.30 MB

Handbook of AIr Pollution Prevention & Control
Control.rar 8.83 MB

Handbook of Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies
Technologies.rar 11.13 MB

Non-Newtonian Flow in the Process Industries 2.27 MB

Computational Rheology for Pipeline & Annular Flow
Computational_Rheology_for_Pipeline_and_Annular_Flow.rar 1.35 MB

Quantitative Methods in Reservoir Engineering 2.14 MB

Modeling of Chemical Kinetics & Reactor Design 11.73 MB

Composition & Properties of Drilling & Completion Fluids
Fluids__5th_ed._.rar 32.06 MB

Extractive Metallurgy of Copper 5.88 MB

Dust Explosions in the Process Industries
3rd_ed._.rar 14.96 MB

Fundamentals & Technology of Combustion 14.75 MB

Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation
24.70 MB

Hazardous Waste Compliance 1.86 MB

An Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis

Probablistic Safety Assessment in the Chemical and Nuclear Industries
Nuclear_Industries.rar 41.94 MB

Fluidization Dynamics - A Predictive Theory 1.56 MB

Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook 60.28 MB

Advanced Blowout & Well Control 10.86 MB

Crystallization Process System 1.95 MB

What Went Wrong - Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters
Disasters__4th_ed._.rar 12.58 MB

Learning From Accidents 1.15 MB

Thermodynamics of Systems COntaining Flexible Chain Polymers
Polymers.rar 13.36 MB

Gas Purification 27.02 MB

Loss Prevention in the Process Industries
vols._.rar 24.73 MB

Centrigfugal Pumps - Design & Application
ed._.rar 32.96 MB

Electrostatic Hazards 1.58 MB

Standard Handbook of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering
Engineering__2_vols._.rar 39.12 MB

Hazardous Waste Handbook for Health & Safety
3rd_ed._.rar 6.57 MB

Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes 4.46 MB

Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook 28.24 MB

Pressure Vessel Design Manual 9.20 MB

Crystallization 4.96 MB

Nuclear Energy - AN Introduction to the Concepts Systems
Systems__etc.__5th_ed._.rar 6.67 MB

Geologic Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoir
2nd_ed._.rar 5.53 MB

Estimator's Piping Man-Hour Manual 11.34 MB

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