Saturday, April 21, 2007

Artificial Intelligence

index of parent directory
neural computation - stevan harnard
(ann) neural nets intro(frohlich).pdf
(ebook-pdf) mathematics - an introduction to neural networks.pdf
( ebook -pdf ) the structure of intelligence by ben goertzel .pdf
(ebook pdf) artificial intelligence and expert systems for engineers.pdf
c++ neural networks and fuzzy logic.chm
computer information - ai - neural networks and natural language grammatical inference (lawrence et al).pdf
development of neural network theory for artificial life-thesis, matlab and java code, cavuto.pdf
fusion of neural networks, fuzzy systems and genetic algorithms - industrial applications .zip
fuzzyreport pdf.pdf
mathematics - introduction to neural networks.pdf
neural networks =algorithms, applications, and programming techniques.pdf
p.(ebook-pdf) applications of robotics and artificial intelligence to reduce risk and improve effectiveness.pdf

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