Saturday, April 21, 2007

Artificial Intelligence- 2

index of parent directory
(ebook-pdf) - Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification.pdf 27-May-2005 00:47 1.7M
(ebook-pdf) - Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning.pdf 26-May-2005 23:17 9.3M
Machine learning in Computer chess-the next generation.pdf 12-Jun-2005 06:44 1.1M
McGrawHill - Machine Learning -Tom Mitchell.pdf 12-Jun-2005 04:07 37M
Nils J. Nilsson - Introduction to Machine Learning.pdf 12-Jun-2005 04:44 2.2M
Noisy Time Series Prediction Using a Recurrent Neural Network and Grammatical Inference, C. Lee Giles, Steve Lawrence (Machine Learning).pdf 11-Jun-2005 23:37 373K


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