Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Various Books publishers wise

CMP Books

CMP Books After Effects on the Spot Time Saving Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros eBook-LiB.chm
37,0 Мб
CMP Books Designing Menus with Encore DVD ISBN1578202353.chm
38,7 Мб
Course Technology

Course Technology 3D Game Programming All in One ISBN159200136.chm
44,9 Мб
Course Technology Game Testing All in One Feb 2005 ISBN1592003737.chm
11,2 Мб
Course Technology Microsoft VBScript Professional Projects ISBN1592000568.chm
15,3 Мб
Course Technology PHP 5 Fast and Easy Web Development ISBN1592004733.chm
9,8 Мб
Course PTR Cubase SX 3 Ignite ISBN1417566043.pdf.rar
10,6 Мб
Course PTR Cubase SX SL 3 Power ISBN1417573228.pdf.rar
13,6 Мб
Course PTR Game Design 2nd Edition ISBN1417566035.pdf.rar
5,3 Мб
Course PTR Logic Pro 7 Power ISBN1417566051.pdf.rar
12,8 Мб
Course PTR Shaders for Game Programming and Artists ISBN1592004644.pdf.rar
7,8 Мб
Course PTR Software Engineering for Game Developers ISBN1417566000.pdf.rar
21,0 Мб
CRC Press

CRC Press Critical Incident Management eBook DDU.chm
2,6 Мб
CRC Press Oracle 11i E Business Suite From the Front Lines.chm
7,4 Мб
Cybertech Publishing

Cybertech Publishing Mobile Commerce Application Development Aug 2005 ISBN1591406021.pdf.rar
4,0 Мб
Davies Black Publishing

Davies Black Publishing Competency Based Human Resource Management ISBN0891061746.chm
2,5 Мб
Davies Black Publishing The Myth of Leadership Creating Leaderless Organizations ISBN0891061991.chm
591 Кб
Leveraging the New Human Capital Adaptive Strategies Results Achieved and.chm
2,0 Мб
Powerhouse Partners A Blueprint for Building Organizational Culture for B.chm
2,5 Мб
The Accountable Organization Reclaiming Integrity Restoring Trust ISBN089.chm
438 Кб
Tools for Team Leadership Delivering the X Factor in Team eXcellence ISBN.chm
573 Кб
Dearborn Trade

Beyond the Brand Why Engaging the Right Customers is Essential to Winning in Busin.chm
1,3 Мб
Strategic Negotiation A Breakthrough 4 Step Process for Effective Business Negotia.chm
3,1 Мб
Strategies that Win Sales Best Practices of the Worlds Leading Organizations ISBN0.chm
2,8 Мб
Why People Buy Things They Dont Need Understanding and Predicting Consumer Behavio.chm
1,2 Мб
Digital Press

Digital Press UNIX For OpenVMS Users 3Ed 2003 ShareConnector com.chm
1,5 Мб
Digital Press Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructures eBook-LiB.chm
28,1 Мб
Digital Press Wireless Operational Security eBook-LiB.chm
1,5 Мб
Digital Press IPv6 Network Programming ISBN1555583180.pdf.rar
2,3 Мб
Digital Press Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Nov 2004 ebook-LinG.pdf.rar
30,2 Мб
Digital Press Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook.pdf.rar
6,8 Мб
Digital Press Open Source Software Implementation and Management Jul 2004 eBook-DDU.pdf.rar
3,2 Мб
Digital Press Oracle SQL Jumpstart with Examples Sep 2004 ISBN1555583237.pdf.rar
15,5 Мб
Network programming in dot NET C Sharp and Visual Basic dot NET May 2004 eBook-DDU.pdf.rar
2,9 Мб
Resilient Storage Networks Designing Flexible Scalable Data Infrastructures Apr 200.pdf.rar
5,9 Мб
DVT Press

The J2EE Architects Handbook How to be a Successful Technical Architect for J2EE Applic2.chm
3,1 Мб
The J2EE Architects Handbook How to be a Successful Technical Architect for J2EE Applic1.chm
433 Кб
Edward Elgar Publishing

Edward Elgar Pub Public Goods Redistribution and Rent Seeking ISBN184376637.pdf.rar
506 Кб
Edward Elgar Publishing Poverty Targeting in Asia ISBN184542123.pdf.rar
1,8 Мб
Maximum Performance A Practical Guide to Leading and Managing People At W.pdf.rar
1,8 Мб

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